Tree of Brahman

by #1

this is entirely unedited. There are syntax inconsistencies. Do not be alarmed.

Brahman is the infinite tree
From which atman branches
From which brahman branches
For those who becometh free

For each branch
Breathes same the blood of the tree
Lives still as one
Realizing this is to becometh free

For each atman, for each brahman
(these are one in the same)
Branches the fruits of their reality
And branches thus the same

Take a branch of a tree
Isolate it from the whole
And behold!
The form of the whole remains with those who are free

Brahman grows forever
Brahman never ceased
Forevermore and Foreverless
Grows the endless trees

Once infinitessimal
never quite infinity
Brahman never was born
Brahman never will die

Time is forever as Brahman is Time

Branches grow from maya
When truth is realized
Atman grows forevermore
From the stump it once was

And it is so, as it always was
This Atman is Brahman
Knowledge of truth
Lets the branch do what brahman does

Grow forevermore

Behold this truth too!
There is no ultimate branch!
For does the mighty tree not grow branches deep into the ground
in the form of ever splitting roots?

And indeed
The tree of brahman exists both within a single point
And the entirety of everything
Atman is not bound by its hierarchy for every branch becomes both one and infinity
in the ever expanding static and unchanging Brahman

A paradox indeed
To the maya trained eye
To he who is liberated
It is truth, logical, obvious

I am Atman. I am Brahman. I am the Branch and the Tree. I am the source of all Atman. As all atman are the source of me. This is Brahman. We are. I am. Brahman.

This is the eternal truth.

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