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If you have managed to stumble upon this website somehow, or indeed knew of it's existence in its many years prior to actual use, you won't know what any of this is.

I have decided to make use of this site in writing down and publishing my own personal religious beliefs which I have found to be resonant and logical in my own pondering and experience.

I have spent much time trying to find a faith or dharma in which these personal truths have been most well aligned, but although I have found a great deal of closeness in Hinduism, specifically the non dualistic Brahmanist variety, I have found all sects and schools of Hinduism to have been more or less distracted by traditional Vedic legend and culture.

Advaita Vedanta appears to be the most pure, modern, and widely followed school of Hinduism today, and indeed is in good esteem with many. Gandhi himself on many occasions referred to himself as an Advaitist.

However after much thought and examination of the great breadth of the Hindu dharmas I have decided that for my own sake, and for any others who are of equal mind that I must differentiate my own views entirely from the synthesis of an entire continent.

As such, on this website you will see a variety of my personal thoughts on the metaphysics and world behind our world and indeed on the path to liberation and what that means.

There are a few central principles however I have decided which hold universally true to myself and I know to be logical and constructive.

-Religious dogma of any sort is absurd in its essence. As Brahman is one, and all things, any god or gods one truly believes to exist and truly believes they are following the associated dharma as faithfully as possible are not false. This is surely a path to liberation as indeed it forces oneself to separate from Maya and when they truly do believe they have found their truth. Brahman does not judge, for one is Brahman. If you have pursued your spirituality to total understanding, then there shall be no need for extended period of rebirth - in any world this or that. Furthermore, Even if one does not believe in any form of higher power, but is able to do his duties as Humanity itself - a provably non metaphysical entity - requires such as not committing unprovoked violence or malice, and caring for ones family to the best of their abilities and many more. These are things which we find the human spirit very much wants to do, regardless of any alignment. Brahman is all of us, it is the ideal, the efficient, and blissful nature in all of us, and as such we shape our own Dharma. Man is wicked indeed, but not all wicked. In each of us we share a humanity which is the best manifested representation of the purest and highest form of reality: blissful, unchanging, creative.

- To me, Brahman is real, unchanging, yet ever growing. Atman is real, unchanging, but does not grow. This is the one difference. When Atman is realized to be the very seed of Brahman, and thus the very same organism, then in this realization only then can Atman act in it's true Brahmanic nature.

-Brahman is unchanging, and therefore it is unending and non-initiating This is the very distinction necessary which brings me to the logical conclusion that such a truth does exist. Our souls, being a part of Brahman and immutable even to Maya are what make each instance of being continuous. A thought experiment I like for this is the question of would you really simply wake up if your brain had been perfectly simulated on a computer if you had died? I think you will find that even in an Atheistic point of view it is difficult to imagine such a thing would have any real effect on the mortality of you to you. And this begs the question of what keeps us from dying every second? perhaps we do. But then what is really dying?

That is all for now. Until next time,

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