4 essentials of a dharmic life

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I believe that there are 4 essential goals one seeking enlightenment must have access to at all times for one's own well being and continuation on their journey. Each has a minimum and an extreme, though in the eyes of your own Atman it makes no difference.

-Sustenance of life. Food and drink, shelter, comfort. In extremity is wealth

-Dharma. Upholding the sanctity and fragility of humanity at large and those close to you. Defending the righteous and victimized. Being righteous without expectation of reward. Righteousness no matter the cost.
In extreme, one may spread the word of this Dharma, but keep in mind the Brahman does not foist or dogmatize, or expect any publicity. He does not push or shove the innocent unto the truth.

-Kama. Pleasure, temporary, fleeting and transient release in any way shape or form. Without this we grow too rooted in our ways, too obsessed with our routines and emotions to ever realize the truth about our flawed selves. In extreme of course this is pure and abject hedonism, an extremely troubled yet valid road to Moksha as long as all other needs are met.

-Matters of the ultra-mayan world. Self Examination. Meditation, the ultimate route towards liberation. And for some this may also include Bakti, worship or care of lesser gods, devolutions and branches of the Ultimate and Single Brahman, just as you, who intersect with Maya. In extreme, this is Moksha, ultimate realization of oneself as Brahman.

All four of these support one another. Without a stable life, one cannot support the dharma, without dharma, one cannot justify pleasing a cowardly self, without any of these 3, Moksha is unattainable and any spiritual conquests will be misguided and in vain.

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