Righteous Hedonism

by #1

In my previous post I wrote about the extreme of Kama as pure and abject hedonism, and that it was a route to enlightenment.

I retract the latter half of that statement. Just as the extreme of sustenance of life is not liberating, the extreme of Kama is not inherently liberating either.

However, Kama is still a specialized path, I believe, to achieve enlightenment. However such a life must be structured in such a way that all the other 3 essentials are met.

Life must be sustained.
The Dharma must be upheld and defended
Effort must be made to attend to the needs of ones Atman.

In order that this is done correctly it is my belief that there are a number of rules that must be placed upon oneself to live this life:

One must always recognize the fleeting nature of Kama, and even in hedonism use it for release from Maya rather than primitive desire.

One must never endanger ones life in pursuit of Kama. All steps must be made that the health of the Body is maintained.

One must never deprive oneself of the ability to provide oneself with food, water, and comfortable shelter.

Some more specific orders pertain to these rules which provide a safety net.

Beside one's bed at any time of sleep one must keep a full glass of water filled before sleeping.

One must keep multiple blankets nearby one's bed. This ensures maximal comfort and health.

One must maintain a stable weight at all times.

One must spend an hour each day handling all matters of life, or longer. The idea is that one hour will allow one to fully realize all their responsibilities which must be cared for.

A Righteous Hedonist must be a fervent protector of humanity and the Dharma. Where a less specialised Brahman may take less attention to the errors of the world in order to care for themselves, the righteous hedonist must be observant, and even if no action is necessary, should record any disturbances they have observed. This keeps the hedonist in the mindset of dharmic life and duty.

I also strongly believe Righteous Hedonists should live in proximity and even communally as to ensure one anothers spiritual and dharmic success