--The Core Truths--

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In order to finalize and simplify my own spiritual discoveries such that they can be understood and related to I have decided to boil them down to exactly what I know. No more, and no less.

-The Human Dharma. Could be likened to the 8 fold path of Buddhism, but perhaps less strict. Gautama Buddha discovered that the truth and Dharma of the universe is indeed born out of the purity of Humanity - to enrich and improve Humanity as a whole through love and compassion. This is not only necessary to further one's own quest towards Moksha but also to ensure that one is always able to do their best in this life and plane of existence.

-The infinite triad of Brahman - All of the world - Brahman, is composed of an infinite number of planes of existence, yet the highest form of this is realization of Brahman and liberation, while the lowest form is the Ultimate Maya of life. Imagine if you ranked an infinite list of grains of sand, you could still have a decisively smallest grain and a decisively largest grain. Atman within the the middle dimension which I call or liken to "Heaven" may free travel within any of the infinite dimensions within Heaven, but will not achieve Brahman until truly liberated. Brahman may freely travel and exist within this lower Heavenly dimension however never is it actually separated from the knowledge of Brahman. Each higher existence may freely travel to any lower one without ever truly leaving their triadic domain.

-The immortality of Atman. Atman is born in Maya, and its purpose is to realize it's identity of Brahman or reach the highest state within the Triad. Nobody except the truly unaware are ever reborn within the Ultimate Maya. Atman's knowledge and existence is eternal, and typically this means all lives are remembered successively.

-The four essentials of Dharmic life: http://sipcs.me/viewpost.php?postid=20

-There is no incompatibility - though billions would disagree between Nirvana and Moksha. Brahman is everything. Anatman is nothing at all. Yet Buddhism defines a Buddha as composed of three parts (trikaya). One which exists in Maya - time and space, one which exists in pure bliss and infinite planes of existence, and one which is the highest, inconceivable, and unmanifest.

You can see how easily this fits in to the infinite triad. And as well as this contradicts the doctrine that there is such a non-self. Metaphysically, we find pairs of opposites to be so often of the same thing. One cannot exist without the other. Brahman cannot be distinguished from nothingness if nothingness does not exist. And nothingness by definition does not exist and therefore Brahman cannot exist. And vise versa.

Yet, we often feel that at least one of these is the ultimate truth. And I posit to you that it is both. For if they were different existences, real or not, they could not exist without eachother. And given the nature of nothingness, it must be that indeed - Brahman, Anatman, and Atman are all the same.

The human dharma exists because : the ontological idea instantiates itself as and within the real. god exists because we at large conceptualize him. the mediums by which our essence propogate throughout eternity are affected proportionally by all these ideas. as such we build our own heaven through the material. as such. human experience drives us to strive to be humanitarian and thus it is the most deeply ingrained of these self evident metaphysical principles