The Nicene Creed

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The theory of Christianity is an interesting one. It has the dramatic characteristics in many respects to Eastern religion - particularly Vedanta. This is the assertion that the feeling of the ultimate eternal existence is that of bliss and most notably love.

Christianity is a very dualistic religion of course. They assert that we men, born of God's creation - but not God himself.

However, what makes Christianity distinct is the concept of Jesus. That he is in essence God. This is the nature of the Holy Trinity which I have previously provided commentary on.

So, I ask the question of if we are all created in God's image, are we not identical to him?

I tend to think of God as is described in Abrahamic religion as the "eternal origin" or it can be generalized to Brahman. Or another step into my own personal theology you might say he is the trunk of the tree. The origin point from which all things originated which is eternal.

During the first Council of Nicaea in which Christian religious leaders made their first attempts to standardize Christian theology, There was an argument put forth against the assertion that God and Jesus were identical, that in fact God, because he had no beginning nor end was in fact different from Jesus who originated at a certain time.

But the argument against this which became canon was that the mere fact that the Son was intertwined with the existence of the Father.

I do not think either of these arguments is particularly true in any sense. But it does ask us an interesting question, If we are all branches from the same tree, then are we not inferior to that originator which had no beginning?

The answer is simple, when a seed grows, the seed is lost. The seed has become the tree itself. In each new branch that grows, a similar behavior occurs. This is Creation. God, a single, linear, entity of total omnipotence created all of this and in doing so became all of it. God is becoming and forever becoming. In the death of every good lived human Creation occurs again on their own branch of this tree.

From each of us, we become god in our ultimate form of awareness and commit the act of Creation in doing so. Life, furthermore, is a Creation of our own eternal spirit. We are omnipotent within our own minds and in living our life to our greatest spiritual understanding we have built something both in our physical legacy and our metaphysical selves that is vastly more complicated and faceted than our initial state.

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