Freedom Hierarchy

by #1

I have decided to delineate a hierarchy of freedoms by which an individual or like entity can be deprived. The lowest on the list being most fundamental and the highest being the most aspirational.

0. Ultimate Freedom - Invoking the power of the logos and the eros. The entity is the potential creator of all and the enabler of divine intervention. Transcendant of the material world. God

1. Freedom by Power -
A man bound only by physics and resource. This man has ultimate power over his domain. The dictator and god-king. The whole of a republican government

2. Freedom Anti Power -
A man existing with no legislation or law of the land to bound him. He exists in Anarchy and the absence of any power.

3. Freedom to grow -
Abiding to the law and the powers that be, but not subservient and deprived of opportunity.

4. Freedom to live life -
Opportunity and growth is hampered. The prospects of a job, family, and a house to adequately support are available still, but not much else.

5. Freedom of action
One is not physically restrained

6. Freedom of expression

7. Freedom of speech

8. Freedom of religion

9. Freedom of thought-
Analogous to ultimate freedom. Within one's mind, he is the ultimate creator, diviner, and intervener. All is possible in the free mind, as it is in the universe for the ultimately free.

10. Free Will
An individual deprived of his free will has nothing left.

Let it be known that our being cast from god and his ultimate freedom has left us a world in which all freedoms may be taken away. Whenever we deprive an individual of one of these freedoms, those freedoms below it in the hierarchy risk waning.

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